The Schola is the Childrens Activity tent and classes. Wendy of Dismal Fogs is the Childrens Coordinator for 2016.

If you are interested in running classes, or if you have any enquiries, you can email Wendy on

Please read the information about Child Safety, including the Draft Festival Parent Code of Conduct 150310 and the Festival Parental Supervision Guidelines

The Schola is a tent, dedicated to children, near the Childrens Fort. If you have children to care for, you are welcome to use it.  It is a 6m X 6m tent, with a couple of chairs and 2 tables.

Here is the Full Schola timetable for 2016


Childrens activities for 2016 include:

  • Infants playpen in the Long Hall (previously Tavern Tent) mornings til close of Court (except Market Day)
  • Childrens Fort – always available (you provide the supervision)
  • Activity Bags
  • ‘Dress a doll’ box in the Schola tent
  • Childrens Quest – Friday 2pm
  • Boffer Tourney – Saturday 11am
  • Childrens Ball – Sunday midday
  • Childrens Choir – Sunday 2pm
  • Kids Fort Battle – Sunday 3pm
  • Childrens Shoot – Sunday 4pm (Choc Bunny shoot followed by ‘Monster Hunt’)

You may find these documents handy:
List of Medieval Games
Making a paper boat
Medieval themed colouring-in
More medieval-themed colouring-in pages
Medieval themed paper dolls (lady, lord, knight)