Merchant information is currently being confirmed for Festival 2022.  
If you would like to book space on the village green for the entire event, or at Market day, please use the BOOKING FORM.

All Merchants are asked by the Merchant Coordinator to please fill in this true and proper Merchant Booking Forms  for either:

Form for Permanent Merchants 

Form for Market Day Only Merchants

The main market will be held Easter Saturday April 20th.

Festival 2019 had the following permanent market stalls.  We are currently confirming who will be attending Festival 2021, but you can see information on last year’s merchants below:

Black Squirrel Feastware:
Offering food-safe pottery based on and inspired by the styles and shapes of period pottery from many different times and cultures. Check out her Patreon by clicking here.

Alexander the Potter
Specialises in the reproduction of medieval pottery including:
15th-16thC German salt Fired Stoneware Stoneware.
10th-13thC Byzantine & Persian SgraffitoPottery.
11th-15thC English & Italian Pottery.
Check out Flaming Gargoyle’s wares on Facebook by clicking here.

Elisabet’s Handspun:
All your fibre needs for spinning, weaving, naalbinding or embroidery. Wool, silk, linen, spindles, niddy noddys, nostepines, swifts, lucets, naalbinding needles, shuttles, timber and cardboard weaving tablets, viking wire work equipment and lits more.
Check out Elizabet’s handspun goods on Facebook by clicking here.

The Alchemy Cave – The Elixir of Life
Merlin returns to keep you enervated with delicious caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks.  Bring your own mug so you can wander the village green in style.

Midgard Designs
Midgard Designs will be attending for our second time after a bit of a hiatus. We now have a much broader range of Dark Age and Medieval items from jewellery to eating knives.   They will be onsite from Friday Morning through Monday.
Check out their Facebook page for their range.

Mayv’s Emporium
( under new management) -Madeleine (Mayv’s elder daughter) will continue the tradition of quality goods (I.e.braids, beads, quality fabrics) as previously established by Mayv with some emphasis on handmade silver jewellery and quality massage services (qualified relaxation & remedial therapist)

Ye Olde Bowyer Outback Snoopy
Peruse their selection of archery goods on Facebook – Outback Snoopy Custom Archery Bows.

Silver Vixen archery supplies
An extensive range of traditional archery equipment and accessories.  Their web site has more detail…

The Hillside Forge Pty. Limited
Medieval clothes, arms and armour.  – Check their website for a Medieval Shoppe.

Kiriel’s Emporium of Decorative Delights
Kiriel’s emporium sells a wide range of goodies for the discerning medievalist. This includes: handcrafted jewellery; pearls; findings; glassware; fans; parasols; shoes; a range of genuine antiquities; and so much more. Particularly popular items include my parasols (decorate your own), glass pens, reading glasses, and the $2 and $5 bargain baskets which are always worth rummaging through. You are sure to find something that will tempt you within the walls of the emporium.

Emlyn’s Adornments
Emlyn’s Adornments stocks pretty additions to your outfit at reasonable prices! An eclectic assortment of jewellery, feathers, hats and more. Come and see what bargains are to be had!

Pat the Weaver
Hamdwoven shawls, wraps and cloaks. Fur trimmed Viking hats, Rus hats with finial. Naalbinded socks. Handwoven Birka and Hedeby bags.

Colonial Lake Books;
Purveyor of Fine Literature in the Arts & Sciences, Braiding, Cookery, Dyeing, Fibrecraft, Fighting Skills, Garb, General Reference, Needlecraft, Songs, Spinning & Weaving.

Medieval Attachments
Once again Medieval Attachments will be returning as a permanent merchant. We will have reproduction jewellery including Viking tortoise brooches, Roman Fibula, replica buttons, cloak clasps, lacing rings, veil pins and more.

Leathergoods and more leathergood, our 21st festival.

Elvira’s Emporium
Elvira’s Emporium will be back with medieval jewellery, replica pieces, gemstone beads, fans, leg wraps, naalbinded items, crafting supplies, cloth pouches, accessories, and more.

The Golden Griffon
Selling hot and cold food from ten each open day

Dragon’s Blood Creations
Dragon’s Blood Creations, selling Cloaks, Robes, Snoods, Hats, Caps, Hoods, Hat Pins, Feather Hat Brooches & Leather Pouches for over 30 years. Hand made in Adelaide SA. Open all weekend

House of Hands Massage
A collaboration of body specialists whose goal is to help and heal all those who seek their services.
Among the team we have:
• Elizabeth La Chatte (Myotherapist, specialising in sports injuries and systemic pain)
• Christopher Longstaff (Remedial Therapist, specialising in massage for active lifestyles and dysfunctional movement patterns)
• Nicolette Dufay (Aromatherapist, specialising in aromatic massage and relaxation).
The House of Hands will be open all through Rowany Festival but please book early to avoid disappointment.

Hearth-Fire Merchants
Hearth-Fire Merchants Specialises in high Quality historical knives and will be bringing a plethora of other goods, such as Hides, leather goods, Jewellery, and feasting gear
Their range can be found at their Facebook Page.

Knarr Traders
Knarr Traders is an Australian owned creator and supplier of living history goods and accessories, focusing specifically on the Scandinavian Dark Ages.

Available at the Saturday Market only are:

Lue Pottery:
High-fired domestic stoneware

Sole Trader Roy Castell
“Experience the shine of authentic Celtic and Viking handmade jeweler that Lords and ladies will marvel at, knowing you have arrived.

Handcrafted from period bronze and silver using traditional methods. Experience a taste of nobility with Celtic and Viking Handmade Jeweler By Roy Castell “

Jean The Hornmaster
“You stand, the field of battle before you, to your left the raiders eager to start wait, to your mouth you bring the horn and blow, It trumpets out the call and the battle begins. Today you fight, tonight you celebrate with a horn fit for a king.

Experience the beauty of handcrafted drinking and blowing horns for all your moments in history, past, present and future. Visit us this Rowany for the full range of handcrafted products. The Hornmaster quality since 1999 ad.”

Silver brooches and other jewellery, wool/linen/fur hats, and a variety of drawstring pouches. All items handmade by Steina Silfursmithr.