Merchants Festival 2024

It’s nearly time for the most exciting event at Rowany Festival – MARKET DAY!
If you haven’t already, head over to the Merchants at Rowany Festival FB group to connect with all of our amazing merchants and see photos of their beautiful wares for sale.
Some merchants are taking advance orders, so be sure to get in touch with them directly to secure your favourite items for delivery either at or before Festival.
Once you arrive at Festival, don’t forget to get in early for the best buys and to support our local artisans and specialist stores!
This year’s lineup includes the following merchants:
Permanent Merchants:
Green Merchants
BLACK SQUIRREL FEASTWARE Quality pottery for your feast table made by my hand at my studio in Ynys Fawr. Items of beauty that will withstand use in a modern kitchen as well as at the feast hall.
MIDGARD DESIGNS Early medieval, Viking and late medieval accurate reproduction items including jewellery, bags and pouches, hats, hoods and other headwear; feasting gear including cutlery, cups, glasses, bowls and plates; coins, dice, scales & weights, sewing equipment, whistles and leg wraps.
EMLYN’S ADORNMENTS A collection of sundry items to adorn your person, clothe your body, and beautify your encampment.
ELVIRA’S EMPORIUM Elvira’s Emporium is back with our range of gemstone beads, replica jewellery, beaded jewellery, accessories, fans, crafting supplies, and much more. Come on by and see if there’s a shiny to suit your needs.
MEDIEVAL ATTACHMENTS Replica jewellery including Viking tortoise and trefoil brooches, Viking pendants, temple rings, Roman fibula, and rings; veil pins, aglets, buttons, lacing rings and more.
SIDHE SHED A collective of blacksmiths, wood and leather workers displaying and selling hand forged and hand-crafted wares.
PAINSMITH PRODUCTIONS Armour, jewellery and more.
TRINKETS & TREASURES Jewellery of swords and dragons and other trinkets. Book “Bardin & The Hob Folke” by Sabina.
FLAMING GARGOYLE POTTERY A range of historical reproduction pottery ranging from Viking to Tudor ceramics.
GOLDEN GRIFFIN Hot food and sweet treats.
KIRIEL’S EMPORIUM OF DECORATIVE DELIGHTS Kiriel’s Emporium of Decorative Delights is your ultimate source for everything you want… Home of the much-loved $2 and $5 bargain basket, you will also find: Straw hats; Shiny things! Eg. brooches, Pelican and Laurel sew-on links, rings and pendants; Metal plaque belts; Stylish scissors; Drinking horn keep cups; Wooden chests; Sandalwood fans; Reading glasses & glasses frames; Backdrop drapes for your tent or feasting space (eg. Lady & the Unicorn) …and so much more that I can’t hope to list them all.
TALES, TATTERS &TRINKETS Books, handmade toys and accessories, second-hand garb.


Market Day Only


Stalls Description
THE ROSE AND THIMBLE Hand embroidered bags, coifs, aprons, and other linen items.
FAE MORGAINE LEATHERWORK Morgaine Grey is an award-winning leather craftswoman based in Sydney. She draws inspiration from her love of history and the Australian bush to create a wide range of products from delicate jewellery to heavy armour. Be sure to check out her colourful belts, hand carved books, bags, homewares, and accessories.
ELANORA’S FABRIC Fabric and supplies.
TAILLTIU’S ROVING STATIONARY Listen for the call of “How can it be Stationary if it’s Roving? How can it be Roving if it’s Stationary?!” to find ink, paper, pens, wax seals, stickers, random stationary tools, colouring books, and other delightful desk consumables.
VON DANZIG FINE GOODS Armour and Accessories.
MAINLY MEDIEVAL Pewter badges, spoons, apothecary products, and other small replica items.
BEAR ISLAND TRADERS Selling Runes, Tools for Weaving and Lucetting, and other goods.
LYONS FORGE AND CRAFTING Lyons Forge and Crafting primarily makes forged items like cloak pins and s-hooks. Also available are custom made granite mill stones (by order only) and modern protective archery equipment ideal for new archers.
JOCHEN & JAGERIN PFANNKUCHEN Delicious crepes made to order. Part proceeds to the Colleges.
OONAGH’S OWN Hand-made Viking age and early glass beads and blown glass. Assortment of other Viking age accessories.
THE HEARTH Used goods and new hand-made items.
LUE POTTERY Ceramic goods.
CONCIATA’S CREATIONS Hand-made historic recreation glass beads and tokens.
LADY ISABELLA’S MISCELLANY Odds and sods of fabric, crafting supplies and garb (incl 2 pair of brand-new American Duchess boots size 7).
JACK & THORUNN’S HAT EMPORIUM Selling quality hand-made hats, felts & straws in a variety of sizes and colours.
OCTAVIA EMPORIUM Brik a brak for newbies, including plates, cups, jugs, jewellery, second hand garb, material, bags, children’s items, and more.
LEAF, LOOM AND LATHE Garden dibblers, inkle looms, bone pins, spoils, lanterns, kids’ toys.
ELENA’S ESSENTIALS In need of some new clothes? Come to Festival without a pouch or feasting gear? I’ve gathered a surplus of clothing and items in my years in the SCA and it’s time for them to find a new home! You’ll find some fabric, dresses, pants, shirts, pouches, shoes and feasting gear that is ready for a new lease of life.
FESTIVAL SHIRTS & ASSOCIATED MERCH The Annual Rowany Festival shirt (aka short-and-stretchy-t-tunic) plus the possibility of bags, and maybe other goodies.
SWORDSHOP Swords, Armour & Fencing Equipment for sale.
E.J. CUSTOMS Assorted handmade leather and wooden items for fashion, as well as TTRPG accessories and weaving supplies.
PICTS & PIECES Homespun yarn, tablet woven belts and accessories, old garb and knick knacks.
WINTERSMITH Hand-forged Early/Viking period silver and brass jewellery including rings, bracelets, torcs, and penannular brooches; hand-sewn wool and linen hats and hoods; and drawstring pouches. EFTPOS and pre-order available.
MEDIEVAL FIGHT CLUB SCA helmets, armour, feasting gear & braid.
KNARR TRADERS Back again this year, primarily with hand dyed, hand-woven tablet weaving, hand dipped beeswax candles and copies of our books.
ILMASEPP INDUSTRIES Handmade jewellery and folk art inspired by Estonian tradition, from the Neolithic to the Iron Age.
Blood and Iron jewellery Jewellery
GYDA’S GLASS Gyda’s Glass makes historically accurate and carefully created handmade glass beads, tokens, creatures and other glass products. EFTPOS or cash payment available. I also take commissions throughout the year.
BLACK ARMOUR Simple leather armour basics and other fighting related equipment.
Bjórnhírd Bazaar
Owen Van Nordern
Arabella d’Aubigny