Inspection Procedures will be posted here by the Festival Marshal (Count Alain Quartier, KSCA) and/or the Armoured Combat Marshal(THL Galen Wulfric)/Fencing Marshal (Lord Sigvald Svithandi)


Armoured combatants must be inspected and passed by a registered Marshal before any combat occurs. Before completing an inspection, a marshal must sign up and have a set of numbered stickers issued to them. The primary time for this will be a pre-event meeting, likely to occur on Tues afternoon.

Each Campsite may nominate an inspecting marshal who will be responsible for all inspections in their campsite:

  • You only need to be inspected once during the event, prior to the first time you fight
    • A sticker will be placed on helmet (or other easily visible location, i.e. gorget) and initialled by the inspecting marshal to indicated you have been inspected.
  • If a change of equipment or weapon is required, than is to be re-inspected by a marshal

The Armoured Marshal for Festival 2023 is The Honourable Lord Galen Wulfric.

Marshal’s At Large

There will be Registered Marshals at Large that will be at key war’s and tourneys to assist with inspections/re-inspections as required.


Fencers must be inspected fully by an authorised fencing Marshal before any combat occurs. Inspections must be recorded in the Fencing Inspection Book, to be kept at the Marshals Tent.

At the start of every tournament or event, the Marshal In Charge will check the Inspection Book against the Lists to ensure that participants have all been inspected. No uninspected or unauthorised fencers will be allowed to fence at Festival.
Fencers only need to have a complete inspection once. If any equipment changes from this point, this change must be inspected and recorded also. Inspections will only be recorded if they occur after Rowany Festival opens at 10am Wednesday 12 April.

Fencers may authorise at the event, so long as they have the appropriate forms. Some authorisation forms will be present, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Each fencer is responsible for making sure their inspecting Marshal records the fencer’s details in the Fencing Inspection List, recording: Their SCA name; Their membership number; Their authorisation expiry date; The name and signature of their inspecting marshal; and The time and date the inspection took place. Fencers must present their authorisation card to their inspecting marshal when they are first inspected.

Weapons and defensive equipment must also be inspected by a Marshal before each tournament or activity. During this inspection, Marshals will confirm if the fencer has previously been inspected and via the Fencing Inspection List.

The Fencing Event Marshal in Charge is Sigvaldr Svithandi, Kingdom Fencing Marshal, camping with the Rowany Campsite


All equestrian and equipment must be inspected daily before the first ride/activity.

The Equestrian Marshal for Festival 2023 is Tengen Yagaan.